Illogicist, is a musical project which was formed with a specific aim: to transpose into music a particular vision of reality and its associated emotions. The creative journey of the band interweaves with a vision of life full of suffering and questions without answers, elements which are essential for a musical proposal which is made up of rhythmic asymmetry, melodic dissonance and violent sound, its pivotal elements.

2002 – Polymorphism Of Death (demo Self-released)
2003 – Dissonant Perspectives (demo Self-released)
2004 – Subjected (Crash Music)
2006 – Promo 2006
2007 – The Insight Eye (Willowtip Records)
2011 – The Unconsciousness Of Living (Willowtip Records)

Willowtip Records (Usa)
HammerHeart Records (Europe)